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Tarun Kapoor was born on 5 January 1978 in Bareilly UP. His father was a business man and mother is a house wife. He got married to Aditi Kapoor in 2003 and he is having a 10 years old daughter whose name is Himayra Kapoor.

Career: Tarun Kapoor started his career at the age of 17th with Painting, Sculpture, Crafting, Rangoli Designing etc. Slowly he developed his interest in Mehendi, Nail Art & Tattooing. But that was not the end of his creativity. He wanted to do more and more. He was not getting satisfied with all his creation. He wanted to do something special which could give him a lot of fully satisfaction after that he got attracted in Makeup Art and he has joined make up industry in the age of 19th in Mumbai. He worked there up to 7 years.